Episode 19: Satanic Panic


While most parents worry about how their kids are doing in school, who they are hanging out with, and whether they are experimenting with alcohol or drugs, 80's parent's biggest fear was Satanic Cults! Apparently during the Reagan era Satan was working overtime to steal the souls of American children. Today on Slums of Film History we’ll be discussing the films that dealt with, influenced and of course, exploited that bizarre time in American history. We hope you have a hell of a time with our episode on Satanic Panic!


Race with the Devil ($2.99 on Youtube)

Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom ($3.99 on Amazon)

Young Sherlock Holmes ($3.99 on Amazon)

Trick Or Treat (free on Youtube)

Angel Heart ($3.99 on Amazon)

The Believers ($3.99 on Amazon)

House of the Devil ($3.99 on Amazon)

We Are Still Here ($3.99 Amazon)

Regression (free with Amazon Prime)



Oprah interviewing Jewish Satanists (?)


Sally Jesse Raphael talks to Satanists


Geraldo Rivera Exposing Satan’s Underground
(fuck that guy!)


Webster! Full Episode October 20, 1980
("Michelle Remembers" segment at 58:20 mark)


Michael Jackson Thriller Video


Don’t Make Me Go Back, Mommy: A child’s book about satanic ritual abuse

(Fucking Creepy Children’s book)