Episode 18: Freakshow


Step right up, ladies and gentleman and see the strangest freaks ever exhibited by man! See the bearded ladies, Siamese twins and a the half man/half woman! Nothing you’ve ever imagined could prepare you for today’s episode as we present a history of circus sideshow oddities and abnormalities in Slums of Film History: Freakshow.



Freaks (free on Dailymotion)

Chained for Life (free on Youtube)

Elephant Man (free on Youtube)

The Funhouse ($2.99 on Amazon)

Big Top Pee Wee (2.99 on Youtube)

Batman Returns ($2.99 on Amazon)

Santa Sangre (free on Veogh but no subtitles)

Big Fish ($3.99 on Amazon)

Bound By Flesh (streaming on Netflix)