Episode 50: Blasphemy


Cinema can get away with a lot more today than it could in its humble beginnings but there are still topics are ripe for controversy. Religion being one of the biggest. Many a filmmaker has learned the hard way that if a film dare cast a critical eye on a churches’ dogma or God forbid (so to speak) your religious based movie isn’t 100% true to sacred text then there’s usually well, hell to pay. On today's episode of slums of film history we’ll discuss the films that were condemned, protested, banned and even destroyed by church groups who felt these movies were nothing less than an affront to the almighty. Join us today as we commit Blasphemy!



The Devils (rape scene)

The Kiss (free on Youtube)

The Devils (free in two parts on Daliymotion)

Life of Brian (free on Youtube)

Last house on the Beach (free on Youtube)

Dogma (free on Youtube)

Last Temptation of Christ (free with Starz subscription on Amazon)

The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre ($3.99 on Amazon video)

Da Vinci Code ($3.99 on Amazon Video)