Episode 15: Head Trauma



A mind is a terrible thing to waste, but you'd never know that from watching the movies. Over the years cinema has shown us some very imaginative (and gruesome) ways to cut off, smash or completely blow up the human head. On today’s episode we’ll talk about some of those films and how they affect us, so be prepared to have your mind blown (literally) as we discuss “Head Trauma.” 


The Brain that Wouldn’t Die (MST3K version free on Youtube)

Master of the Flying Guillotine (free on Youtube)

Maniac (Free on Youtube with subtitles)

Scanners (free on Hulu)

Pulp Fiction ($3.99 on Amazon Video)

Mars Attacks ($3.99 on Amazon Video)

Irreversible (free on Vimeo, watch at own risk)

Pans Labyrinth ($3.99 on Amazon Video)

The Kingsman (free on this shady ass site)



1939 French Execution plus two others with dates unknown (Liveleak)  


Braveheart: Flail to the Face
(the clip erroneously calls it Mace to the Face)



Scanners Head explosion



Deadly friend basketball head explosion



Execution of Mary Queen of the Scots 1895
(first special effect on film)