Episode 10: Profanity


Few things can get your point across quite like some well placed profanity. Hollywood knows this, which is why some of the best dialog in film are also riddled with swear words. But where did all of this start? When did cinema get such a filthy fucking mouth? On today's episode we'll explore the history of profanity in movies. We'll discuss everything from damn, to fuck, the the infamous C-word. So if you are sensitive to swearing, you may need to skip this one. If you are sitting near somebody who is sensitive to swearing, turn it up really loud.  



Clara bow says fuck (youtube)

What Price Glory (Free on Youtube. See if you can spot the profanity)

Hells Angels (Free on youtube)

MASH: The Movie ($3.99 on Amazon Instant)

Steve Martin from Planes, Trains and Automobiles

The Exorcist ($2.99 on Youtube)

Summer of Sam ($3.99 on Amazon Instant)

Wolf Of Wall Street (Free on Amazon with Prime Membership)


Wolf of Wall Street - Just the Swearing (Youtube link)